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Boxing betting: features you need to know

  • 05.09.2022
Anthony Joshua

It is desirable to bet on boxing after studying all the subtleties. Fights are amateur and professional. Bookmakers offer to bet only on the second option.

Types of boxing bets

Outcome bets. In boxing, as in any competition, there is a winner and a loser. Betting on the outcome in boxing is the main type of betting. Often, only he is present in the betting lines (the victory of one or the second boxer). However, there are cases of fixing draw outcomes (rarely).

In betting, you should pay attention to the presence of a draw. If it is not there, then it is better to look at the rules of the bookmaker’s office – how it will calculate the bet in boxing if there is a draw.

Bets on round totals. In professional boxing, 12 rounds are usually played. Betting on total rounds is a bet on how many rounds a fight will last. If we have strong knockouts in front of us, then there may be few rounds. If light fighters with not the strongest blows, then you can wait for the whole fight.

Bets on the method of ending the battle. A boxing match can end in several ways: victory by knockout, victory by technical knockout (the opponent cannot continue the fight), disqualification of the opponent, refusal of the opponent to continue the fight, by points or technical decision of the judges. In this category of bets, it is also better to study the rules of the bookmaker – how it will evaluate this or that end of the battle.

Other boxing bets appear in big title fights. Here you can bet on the outcome of each specific round, on which round the fight will end in. Also, some bookmakers are ready to offer advanced betting options, such as which of the boxers will be knocked down and in which round.

Strategy and betting analysis

The betting strategy often seems simple. Here you need to be able to correctly analyze events. Underdog odds are often overpriced. This is an artificial underestimation of the outcome of the favorite. The quotation for another athlete goes up.

There are no fighters left in boxing today who are undefeated. The status of a favorite has been developed by athletes for a long time. You should not take into account the bookmaker’s estimates. Often they are not objective. The player must independently evaluate the ability of each boxer. You can not take into account only low odds for the favorite. Analyze information from other bookmakers for an objective assessment.

A fight between two boxers is always a show. Even athletes can lose if they give in to positive reviews. Boxing is an individual sport. Errors in the evaluation of the current form of the athlete will lead to a loss on the bet.

No need to bet money on an injured fighter who has the wrong sparring partner to do his training. The bet will lose when the coach chooses the wrong battle tactics. Go to open sources and look at records of previous fights. On their basis, a correct conclusion is drawn.

Ratings in the media mislead users, fueling interest in the fight. Objectively approach the analysis, consult with experienced people. Often they are only interested in promoting a particular fight. Before placing a bet, you need to look at information about the fighter, opponent, find out the status of the fight. Important information is the venue of the fight. Some athletes post their workouts in open sources. You can watch the video to personally evaluate the training of a fighter.