Horse races

Bets on horse racing in bookmakers

  • 07.09.2022

Equestrian sport is the ancestor of all betting. It was on such events that bets were first accepted. Betting on horse racing is now inferior in popularity to other sports.

But, they still have their audience, because this is a unique genus, which has its own characteristics.

Perhaps the main feature will be the speed – the race lasts less than two minutes, keeping in suspense.

And in terms of regularity, races can compete with tennis.

Types of bets on horse racing


The simplest and most popular variety, where you need to guess the horse that will cross the finish line first. In other words, you need to choose a winner. Here there is also the opposite option, in which you can choose a horse, the chance of winning which is quite small. Such a bet wins if the selected representative does not come first.


A simpler alternative to the previous option. Here the horse you have chosen should be in the finisher prize pool. The coefficient for such an event will be relatively less. By the way, the number of prizes varies depending on the participants: up to 8 horses – 2 prizes, from 8 to 14 – 3 prizes, from 14 – 4 prizes.


In translation “double” – you need to guess two horses that will be able to come first in two different races.

Double double

Here the essence lies, as in the usual double, in guessing the winners of the races, but in this case it is required to guess four.


A bet in which you need to accurately indicate which participant will win and which will take second place in the same race.

What you need to know if you’re new to horse racing betting


Everyone is well aware that the various offices, on the sites of which there is a section with horse racing, offer far from the same conditions. We advise you not to be lazy and choose the most comfortable and profitable option. After all, your income and enjoyment of the process will depend on this.

As for the bets themselves, one of the main aspects will be the lack of excitement. Know how to control yourself. Learn to stop in time, especially if a series of losses has begun. A short break and rest will only benefit. Emotional unloading will allow you to more objectively assess the situation and leave your wallet safe.

Spend more time analyzing and looking for interesting facts. A wider view would also be a plus. In addition, various little things found in articles or statistics can help you choose the right winner from two more or less equal competitors. As professionals say, there are no trifles. In the process of their work, they even take into account the weight of the horse and its variability over a single segment. For us, ordinary connoisseurs of betting, this information will give absolutely nothing. Therefore, it is enough to look at the table of previous results, the quote of the coefficients and the various texts with the content of the interview and the assessment of the physical condition of the horses. This is quite enough to get the impression of a possible winner, prizes and an outsider. Based on the resulting picture, it will not be difficult to make a bet.