What does under 0.5 means in betting

What does under 0.5 means in betting

  • 13.09.2023

The term ‘under 0.5’ is a common bet type you’ll see when browsing sports betting options. But what exactly does this bet signify and in which sports can you use it? This article explains the key meaning of under 0.5 bets and when they are applicable.

What Does Under 0.5 Mean?

In betting, under 0.5 refers to a wager that the total goals, points or other scored units by both teams in a match will amount to 0. Essentially, it is a bet on a goalless, point-less or scoreless game.

Some key things to note:

  • The bet wins if no goals/points are scored by either team.
  • If 1 or more goals/points are scored, the under 0.5 bet loses.
  • It represents one of the lowest total outcomes possible.
  • Under 0.5 bets offer very low risk but also low returns since 0-0 draws are common.
  • Primarily used in low-scoring sports like football, hockey or baseball.

The under 0.5 bet predicts a dull, low-event affair without scoring.

Common Examples

Some examples of under 0.5 bets are:


Liverpool vs Manchester United under 0.5 goals

Ice Hockey
Rangers vs Islanders under 0.5 total goals


Red Sox vs Yankees under 0.5 total runs

Since the under 0.5 bet requires a rare scoreless draw, it produces longer odds but higher risk than under 0.5 bets in high-scoring sports. The key is selectively picking extreme low-scoring matchups.

Strategies Using Under 0.5

Ways to potentially profit from under 0.5 bets:

  • Select tight, defensive matchups between top teams to increase odds of a stalemate.
  • Target games with weather conditions likely to stifle attacking play.
  • Combine with a 0-0 correct score prediction for higher odds safety net.
  • Use for in-play betting if a game remains scoreless late into the match.
  • Parlay multiple under 0.5 selections together across different events.

With the right event selection process, under 0.5 bets can offer long-shot value.


In summary, an under 0.5 goals, points or runs bet predicts that both teams will fail to score at all in a match. While risky, under 0.5 bets bring longer odds potential on ultra-low scoring games in sports like soccer, hockey and baseball. When used strategically on defense-oriented matchups, under 0.5 bets present an intriguing betting opportunity.